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Care Instructions


Thank you for choosing Jude Australian made Merino wool knitwear.

These care instructions have been tried and tested over many years by a true knitwear pro – my Mum. 
When followed correctly, these instructions will ensure your knitwear stays as beautiful as the day you bought it.


Our knitwear can safely be washed on a wool or delicate cycle in a trustworthy, front loader washing machine in 30 degrees.
If in doubt, hand wash in 30 degrees.
Always use a gentle, wool specific wash, like Jude’s Eucalyptus and Rose Geranium Wool Wash.
Do not use standard laundry powder or liquid, it is too harsh for wool.
If hand washing, rinse thoroughly in fresh, 30 degree water and gently wring out the excess water.


If you have a trustworthy washing machine, put your wet woollens on a spin cycle to spin out all of the excess water.
Hang your knitwear over the clothes line, over the back of a chair, or drying rack.
Use a clean, dry towel underneath your knitwear to act as a barrier.
Just don’t use pegs as they leave nasty marks.
Avoid drying your knitwear in full summer sun. Winter sun is OK.


The key to caring for your knitwear is ironing.
It smooths down all the fibres that have been given a ruffle up during the washing process, and it restores your knitwear to its silky best.
Use the wool setting on your iron, with plenty of steam.
Some knitwear may need a higher heat.


When you wear or cuddle up to knitwear, you must always keep in mind that it is a delicate fabric, which can be pulled by jewellery, nails, pins, etc.
The tighter the weave, the less likely it is to pull.
However, no knitwear is immune!


When the warmer months are upon us and its time to tuck your woollies away, make sure they are clean and pressed, and stored snugly in the cotton dust bag it came in. Add a bag of sealed, dried lavender to help keep nasty moths out.

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